AHRI 210/240 Testing Standard

Turnkey delivery including design, manufacture, installation & commissioning of complete test facilities built to ANSI/AHRI 210/240-2008.   Performance rating of unitary air conditioning and air source heat pump equipment.

Unitary Air-Conditioners

  • Air-Cooled, Water Cooled & Evaporative Cooling
  • Confirm AHRI Standard Rating Cooling Capacity, Btu/h [W]
  • Confirm Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, SEER & Energy Efficiency Ratio EER, Btu/(Wh)

Air-Source Unitary Heat Pumps

  • Air-Cooled
  • AHRI Standard Rating Cooling Capacity, Btu/h [W]
  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, SEER, Btu/(Wh)
  • High Temperature Heating Standard Rating Capacity, Btu/h [W]


  • Indoor & Outdoor Room Construction (Standard)
  • Precision Room Conditioning Equipment (Standard)
  • ± 0.2 F / ± 0.5 F dP Steady-State Conditions
  • Indoor & Outdoor Code Tester w/ Psychrometer (Standard)
  • Complete Controls, Instrumentation & Automation (Standard)
    • Real time control, monitoring and data collection (Standard), Includes Process Variables, Pressure, Temperature, Mass Flow, Watts and Calculated Variables such as Capacity, Superheat, & Liquid Subcooling
  • Remote monitoring and alarm functions (Standard)
  • Unit Under Test Power Supply & Power Analyzers (Optional)
  • Fluid/Brine Supply Module for 13256-1 testing (Optional)
  • RS-232, Ethernet and SQL server communications (Optional)
  • Flexibility to add Analog or Digital data channels (Optional)
  • 1 Year Warranty w/ on-call customer support (Standard)
  • Operator Training (Standard)
  • Preventative maintenance & Service Programs (Optional)

Code Tester / Airflow Meter

  • Geometry built according to ASHRAE 41.7.
  • Integral to ANSI/AHRI 210/240 Testing
  • Develop fan performance, flow versus pressure curves.
  • Can be coupled with an Air Supply System for conditioned temperature and humidity.
  • Ability to apply / perform back pressure control to simulate product pressure drop.
  • Variable speed blower to control based on airflow or pressure.
  • Data collection and computation through PLC based touch screen, also available through LabVIEWTM automation software packages (see below)
  • LabVIEWTM interface can be included in base package or as an option to standard touch screen interface
  • Real time display of measured and calculated variables, including table and graph format.

LabVIEWTM software provides easy to use operator screen menus including:

  • Airflow screen
  • Pressure screen
  • Thermocouple screen
  • Calibration screen
  • Automatic Test Profile screen
  • Password Protection
  • Power screen\Capacity screen