Fluid Supply Module

Ideal for any/all testing applications requiring precision controlled fluid supply to a unit under test.  This would include Heater Core, Radiator, Charge Air Coolers, HEV cooling systems and any other fluid type heat exchanger devices.  Ideal as a supplemental addition to perform Geothermal and water source heat pump testing, indicative of ISO 13256.1 & 2.  Custom designed chiller and heating of water/glycol fluids per customer specification.  Often used in calorimetry, component pressure drop evaluations and simulating cooling water supply for engine testing.  Options include the ability to apply a blanket pressure to elevate boiling point temperatures.


  • Variable speed supply pump, enabling set-point control of fluid flow through test piece or process.
  • Precision temperature control set-point by electronically modulated heaters.  Internal by-pass standard in all Q Corp design fluid modules.
  • Flow sensing devices typically include Coriolis, Magnetic or Turbine.   With or without Visual Display.
  • Pressure setting by automatic or semi automatic regulator
  • Sensors can be added as needed to provide optimum value of data points.
  • Designed with compactness and portability in mind
  • Used as a stand alone system or integrated with other Q Corporation supporting modules, including airflow supply systems.


Flow: Up to 250+ gpm
Flow Turndown: 10:1
Maximum UUT Pressure: 15 psid to 30 psid
Flow Sensor Device: Coriolis, Turbine or Visual Display

Heating Capacity: 0 to 225 kW+
Cooling Capacity: 0 to 225 kW+
Temperature Range: -40 to 250 F
Temperature Sensor(s): RTD or Thermocouple

Control: Manual of Fully Automatic
Control Interface: Manual adjustment, Touch Screen or LabVIEW® software with PC interface