Emissions Test Chamber

Ideal for automotive full vehicle emissions testing programs, including Federal Testing Procedures (FTP), Supplemental Federal Testing Procedures (SFTP), light to medium duty truck testing.  48” or 72” integrated chassis dynamometer, with velocity road speed fan simulation.  Fixed or movable wheel base, front, rear or four (4) wheel drive and Up to 450 Hp per Roll.  Optional connecting soak room maximizes run time and test schedule.  Full solar spectrum simulation with programmable zone.  Fuel Tank Temperature management (FTTM) and “Hot Road” simulation available.


  • -40F dry air combustion system assures long term performance of chamber cooling coil, minimizing defrost cycles.
  • Optional solar array packages available with multiple zone control and vertical/side mounted profile.  Available in Infrared or Metal Halide (full spectrum).
  • Direct expansion refrigeration standard, additional options include secondary “brine” conditioning for added control and transition capabilities.
  • Multiple refrigeration design packages available with air cooled or water cooled condensing systems
  • Data collection and computation through PLC based touch screen, also available through LabVIEW automation software packages


Internal Dimensions: Typical
Main: 50’L x 26’W x 13’2”H I.D.
Soak: 44’L x 28’W x 9’ 10”H I.D.
Doors: Typical
12’ W x 9’6” H Vehicle
3′ W x 7′ H Personnel access w/ airlock
6’W x 7’L x 9’4” H Ante Room
Access Ports: Multiple
Temperature Range: -40 to 160°F
Temperature Sensor: RTD or Thermocouple
Humidity Range: 20 to 90% RH
Extended Range:10 to 95% RH
Humidity Sensor: RH capacitive element
Airflow: Up to 300,000 cfm frontal
Nozzle Cross Section: 18 to 24 sqft (standard) up to 50 sqft
Exhaust: 1,000 cfm standard
Dry Combustion Air Supply: 1,000 cfm standard
Control: Fully automatic, PLC driven
Control Interface: LabVIEW® software with PC interface