Automotive Airflow Meter

Precise airflow measurement to a variety of Unit Under Test applications.  Including automotive cabin leak testing. fan performance verification, flow versus pressure curves. Can also be coupled with an Air Supply System for measurement of conditioned temperature and humidity air.  Typcial geometry built according to an ASHRAE 41.2 and/or AMCA 210 standard.  Additional airflow measurement technologies include other pressure drop devices including V-Cone.  Options include supplemental ability to apply / perform back pressure control to simulate product pressure drop.


  • Multiple nozzle arrays to achieve high turn down ratios, manually or automatically actuated.
  • Variable speed blower to control based on airflow or pressure
  • Rugged CRS or clear polycarbonate (also used for bullet proof glass, safety goggles applications) for extreme ruggedness and complete visibility of the nozzles
  • Data collection and computation through PLC based touch screen, also available through LabVIEW® automation software packages.
  • Used as a stand alone system or integrated with other Q Corporation supporting modules, including coolant or refrigerant supply systems.


Airflow: Up to 10,000 CFM+
Airflow Ranges: Turndown 20:1
Product Pressure Differential: 2” to 10” H2O
Variable Measurement Includes: Inlet Temperature / Inlet Humidity
Pressure Sensor(s): Nozzle Differential Pressure, Barometric Pressure, Product Inlet Pressure
Humidity Sensor(s): RH Capacitive Element

Material: Painted Cold Rolled Steel continuously welded, Lexan, clear polycarbonate

Sizing: Dimensions according to ASHRAE 41.7, AMCA 210

Control: Manual of Fully Automatic
Control Interface: Manual Adjustment, Touch Screen or LabVIEW® software with PC interface