Infrared Solar Array

Ideal for simulating a directed radiant “heat load” environment.  Reproduce and simulate daily cycle of solar conditioning and heat intensity from sunrise to sunset. Ideal for climate control testing.  Perform “body” or “exterior” test studies at varying loads and qualify effects of long term heat exposure under varying conditions.


  • Multiple zones of control. Vary solar heat load intensity based upon a specific location or UUT profile.
  • Optional “side” and “frontal” profile adjustment enables pinpoint directional placement of heat load on body test structure.
  • Manual or automated vertical adjustment of solar bank enables an unlimited selection of height placement per vehicle standing profile.  Fixed placement arrays are also available.
  • “Portable” or “Moveable” systems available. Caster mounted fixtures designed for ease of transport into and out of test environment.
  • Customized bulb placement, spatial orientation and zones of control available per customer requirement.
  • Data collection and computation through PLC based touch screen, also available through LabVIEW automation software packages.


Panel Dimensions
Variable, per customer requirements
System Pictured: 22ft L x 12ft W
Profile Adjustment
Standard: Fixed
Optional: Variable
• Vertical – 3ft to 6ft
• Front / Rear: 45º from ceiling plane
• Side/Wings: 45º from ceiling plane

Lights: 250 Watt IR bulbs

Bulb Placement: Standard: One-1 Foot Centers
Zones of Control: Variable

4-20 mA from PLC to SCR’s
Optional user interface

Fixtures: Vapor Proof