Automotive Compressor Calorimeter/Durability

Designated for the automotive, truck and transportation compressor testing industry.  Two available performance options available including durability or calorimetry type configuration.  Primary data includes accurate measurement of capacity, rpm, torque as well as various measured and calculated performance values.  System can be designed to perform within the prescribed operating ranges of R-134A, R-1234yf and R-744A (CO2). Ideal for Clutch cycling, liquid slugging, traffic simulation, high pressure and high speed simulation.


  • Continual measurement and display of all data
  • NIST traceable calibration for all DAS sensors, multiple axis curve plotting of compressor performance
  • Oil in circulation rate is controllable and repeatable
  • Independent control of:
  • Compressor discharge pressure
    – Compressor suction pressure
    – Compressor suction temperature
    – Compressor rpm
    – Compressor area air temperature
  • Unitized construction with enclosed equipment section and easy maintenance access
  • Data collection and computation through PLC based touch screen, also available through LabVIEW® and Wonderware® automation software packages


Compressor Speed: 500 to 15,000 rpm
Refrigerant: R134a
Compressor Capacity: Up to 50,000 BTUH
Discharge Pressure: 70 to 120ºF (limited by 5 to 30ºF SC)
Suction Pressure Control: 0 to 80 psig
Suction Temperature: Variable by customer supplied TXV
Discharge Pressure: 150 to 450 psig
Compressor Chamber Temp: -40 to 350 F
Evaporator Airflow: 60 to 600 cfm
Temperature: 70 to 300 F

Refrigerant Flow Measurement: Coriolis
Airflow Measuremen:t V-Cone
Temperature Measurement: RTD

Control: Fully automatic, PLC driven
Control Interface: LabVIEW® software with PC interface