Vehicle Corrosion Chamber

Ideal for automotive, small truck, small tractor, motor cycle and buck mounted test modules. Quantify long term effects of extended salt fog, high humidity and extreme temperature conditions.  Perform to SAE and ASTM corrosion test specifications.  Supportive compliment to “ Vehicle Proving Grounds” test facilities.  Cold start testing option available with supplemental dry air combustion make-up air system.  Responsive after sales support through dedicated customer service and regional field service network


  • Ability to change pH and salt concentrations while “in-process” testing conditions
  • Inflatable door gasket on vehicle access doors assures tight sealing surface, minimize solution losses.
  • Direct expansion refrigeration system standard, options available for secondary “brine” conditioning for added control capabilities.
  • Composite fiberglass panel construction assures durable construction, long life and reduced installation time.
  • Variable airflow across vehicle with integral “drain and return” system enables good coverage and re-use of circulated solution.
  • Data collection and computation through PLC based touch screen, also available through LabVIEW automation software packages


Internal Dimensions: 24”’L x 12’’W x 9’H (Typical Automotive)
Doors: 9’ x 8’ Vehicle Access / 3’ x 7’ Personnel Access
Access Ports: Several options available

Temperature Range: -22 to 180°F Typical
Temperature Sensor: Thermocouple
Humidity Range: 20 to 98% RH
Dewpoint Range: 50ºF to 100ºF
Humidity Sensor: RH capacitive element
Airflow: 20,000 cfm frontal – Typical
Average salt concentration: 0.5%

Control: Fully automatic, PLC driven
Control Interface: LabVIEW® software with PC interface