Charge Air Simulation

Ideal for charge air simulation and/or conditioning. Simulate charge air supply for engine dynamometer testing.  Quantify the effects of pressure vs. temperature and humidity on engine performance.  Programmable temperature and flow ranges with humidity control.


  • Variable flow blower supply to control charge air through test piece
  • Temperature set by electronically modulated heaters
  • Pressure set by automatic or semi automatic regulator
  • Full automation ability capable with option. Ability to add sensors and inputs to collect all the data points required
  • Data collection and computation through PLC based touch screen, also available through LabVIEW® automation software


Maximum flow: 30 to 150 lb/min
Flow turn down: 10:1 ratio
Maximum UUT Pressure: 5 psid or 10 psid
Flow Sensor: Coriolis

Heating Capacity: 0 to 225 kW+
Cooling Capacity: 0 to 225 kW+
Capacity turn down: 10:1 ratio
Temperature Range: 200°F to 700°+F
Temperature Sensor(s): RTD or thermocouple

Pressure Range: 10 to 100 psig

Control: Manual or fully automatic
Control Interface: Manual adjustment or touch screen HMI
Remote Set Point Capability: Integrate with existing HMI or Software