Q Corporation Company Overview

As a recognized leader within the global testing community, Q Corporation has built its reputation as a preferred designer and manufacturer of integrated environmental testing facilities and supporting components.  Our experience as a turnkey provider has enabled our organization to develop an acute capability in controls, instrumentation and systems integration.  Our corporate engineering and manufacturing facilities are located in Las Vegas Nevada, with regional offices and support staff in Detroit, Atlanta, Houston, Boston & India.


Our senior design and manufacturing team members average over 20 years in the manufacture of environmental simulation test equipment.  The inherent value of this reality is our exposure to many different applications and the specialized expertise that has developed from these experiences.


In terms of today’s industrial business model, an increasing number of manufacturing firms have leveraged suppliers and resources outside their perceived value-added core competencies.  Q Corporation applies a uniquely vertical manufacturing process with internal quality process that exceed industry standards for custom equipment.  Our core technologies focus on customized refrigeration systems, air handling systems, airflow measurement, fluid flow measurement, control, automation software and system’s integration.  Our facilities in Camarillo California include design engineering, controls & software programming, refrigeration, assembly, metal fabrication and dedicated manufacturing.  The ability to provide specialized manufacturing gives Q Corporation the agility to quickly respond to “in-process” specification, design or fabrication changes with minimal effort. We optimize our manufacturing capabilities by building only those items that leverage core technologies, providing maximum value and return in value and quality.  Leveraging “in-house” resources and minimizing overhead is essential to maintaining our competitive edge.  When it is necessary to purchase materials and hardware from outside suppliers, we procure only the best, proven components further ensuring quality and performance.

Reliability and Performance

The reliability and performance of selected sub components is critical to the success of our products.  This includes compressors, fans, refrigeration valves, etc.  Continuous improvement through constant communications between Q Corp engineers and component manufacturers is critical to this success.  Continuous communication assures that appropriate selections are made for the use and condition to which each component is exposed.  There is no substitute for making the best component selections.  Most manufacturers do not test their components under the extreme conditions encountered within an environmental testing application.  Components applied to environmental testing are exposed to a wide range of temperatures, variable loads, extreme temperature cycles and rates.  Our testing procedures are more demanding and require exceedingly higher levels of durability and performance to that of typical commercial and industrial uses.  Furthermore, our components are tested within an actual operating system rather than as individual components.  Our suppliers proactively work with Q Corporation, maintaining an open dialogue regarding success and problems we encounter with their products.  Building solid relationships in this manner is the key to our success and mutually beneficial towards achieving manufacturing excellence.


Experience gained through past success and disappointment always presents an opportunity to establish standards to maximize future  achievement.  Eliminating the potential for escalating costs as the result of engineering duplication, overbuilding or over complication is achieved by standardizing on proven components and systems.  Standardization is achieved by the discovery of similarities between custom systems.  Standardization affords the luxury of buying materials and components in quantity as well as promoting efficiency by minimizing unique manufacturing processes.  These principles drive down costs, without sacrificing quality.

Value of Client Communications

The single greatest factor contributing to a successful project outcome centers on the commitment to client communication during all stages of project management.  This begins in the pre-sale process and continues through proposal development, purchase order, engineering design review, manufacturing, factory testing, shipment, installation, final commissioning and commencement of warranty period.  Mutual participation towards identifying specific customer needs, managing expectations, setting goals, finalizing design concept and selecting components offers the best probability for success at the end of the project.

Product Support

Commitment to field service represents the core building block to sustaining long term customer satisfaction.  Q Corporation’s Service Group is uniquely positioned to provide qualified and responsive field support to all your thermal test equipment needs.  Our well established service network provides single point contact for all repair, trouble shooting and preventative maintenance requirements.  Field personnel are professionally credentialed and licensed in the HVAC, Refrigeration and Environmental Simulation testing industries.

Our growing regional support staff includes personnel based in California, Michigan, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Georgia and India.  Field support capabilities include equipment installation, operator training, warranty, preventative maintenance and calibration services.

Why Select Q Corporation

We recognize that securing customer confidence, minimizing risks and delivering dependable solutions is the key to sustaining quality and long term relationships with our customers.  By its nature, custom manufacturing of test equipment represents a complex and often difficult undertaking.  To be successful in such an endeavor, manufactures like Q Corporation understand that our reputation is contingent on the success of the the last project executed.  We believe that Q Corporation provides the industries best solution relevant to a quality, reliability and support.   This is best illustrated by our ever growing faction of international repeat clients.