Condenser Calorimeter

Verification of commercial, automotive, truck, off highway and agricultural condenser performance and efficiencies. Variable testing conditions to simulate “real world” testing conditions. Calorimeters can be designed to perform within the prescribed operating ranges of R-134A, R-404A, R-410A, R-744 and R-22. Ability to perform evaluation of cores to complete refrigeration systems. Achieve energy balance between refrigerant and air (or water) side media. Responsive after sales support through dedicated Q Corporation customer service and regional field service network


  • 10:1 turn-down on all control variables.
  • Open or closed loop design.
  • Closed loop airflow control maximizes operational capabilities and performance range across UUT.
  • Use as a stand alone system or integrate with other supporting modules including radiator and /or oil cooler.
  • Other applications include “debris” impact studies for off-highway applications.  Integration of “dust” system option for qualifying pressure drop and heat transfer degradation.
  • Data collection and computation through PLC based touch screen, also available through LabVIEW®  automation software packages


Capacity: 10,000 to 240,000+ BTUH

Airflow Temperature Range: Ambient +5F to 250F
Refrigerant Suction Pressure: Up to 100 psig
Refrigerant Discharge Pressure: Up to 500 psig

Airflow: Ashrae 41 Meter,  V-Cone or Brandt
Refrigerant Flow: Coriolis
Temperature: RTD

Control: Fully automatic, PLC driven
Control Interface: LabVIEW® software with PC interface standard