Rain Test Chamber

Designed to test effects of water intrusion on a component or system that is routinely exposed to moist, damp and wet environments.  Test Capabilities include: Moisture Test, Sprinkling Test, Hose Car Wash Test, High Pressure Car Wash Test, Drizzle Test.  Ideal test equipment for: Vehicle head lamps and Sealed housing and enclosures.


  • Variable pressure setting and flow capacities
  • Temperature control of ambient air surrounding UUT
  • Rotating turntable with product mounting surface in chamber to assure 360° rotation and complete coverage
  • Large viewing windows
  • Data collection and computation through PLC based touch screen, also available through LabVIEW® and Wonderware® automation software packages


Temperature Range: 10 to 35 °C
Control Stability: ±2.0 °C
Maximum Flow: Variable – Based on Specification
Flow turn down: 10:1
Maximum Pressure: Variable – Based on Specification
Control Stability: +/- 2% of Reading

Temperature Range: 20 to 50 °C
Control Stability: ±2.0 °C

Control: PLC with touch screen
Control Interface (option): LabVIEW® software with PC interfaceLabVIEW® software with PC interface