Spindle Burst Chamber

Product failure testing of Condenser Fans, Radiator Fans, Evaporator blowers, Spindles & Clutches.  “Start / Stop” testing at high and low rpms.  Clutch cycling.  Programmable temperature range.  Programmable humidity range.


  • Product start/stop and speed control testing
  • Temperature and humidity stress testing
  • Multiple chambers with individual test profiles
  • Explosion proof viewing windows
  • Precise data acquisition of all required data
  • Data collection and computation through PLC based touch screen, also available through LabVIEW automation software packages


Speed: 0 to 15,000 rpm
Transition: Variable speed drive with dynamic breaks
Access Ports / Windows: Several options available

Temperature Range: -70 to 350°F
Temperature Sensor: RTD or thermocouple

Humidity Range: 20 to 90% RH
Extended Range :10 to 95% RH
Humidity Sensor: RH capacitive element

Control: Fully automatic, PLC driven
Control Interface: LabVIEW® software with PC interface